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    Hockey fanatics: Do you think this was a goal?

    Let me set this up. Wednesday was game 7 of the Central Hockey League (President's Cup) Championship Finals between the Laredo Bucks(best record in pro hockey) and the Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs(3-peated from 98-01) at the Laredo Entertainment Center. The CHL is considered "AA" level, 2 steps below the NHL and 1 below the AHL.

    You'll see 2 videos, the first one is a shot of the supposed game winning goal in overtime that starts from a normal high TV-like angle then switches halfway through to a lower ice level angle. It's not conclusive because the goalie Ken Carroll blocks the puck for a time, and the second first shows a supposed goal scored earlier in OT by Shreveport that was disallowed because of an early whistle, then switches to the game winner but stays on the higher angle.

    I watched this game streamed online on CHLtv and the Laredo broadcaster even said it wasn't a goal and would be a tainted championship that would be argued forever. Laredo has a 4-sided video board and show all replays for goals, and they have a better camera angle than available here, yet they didn't replay the game winning goal. People in most parts of course wouldn't care but in the CHL this is a big controversy. The ref Steve Cruickshank(or Crookshank as the Bug fans call him) first waived it off, and during all this Buck players started going nuts and celebrating because the red light came on(late) and confetti fell from the ceiling and fireworks went off. Cruickshank consulted with the goal judge for about 30 seconds, and then pointed that it was a goal. The real kicker is the goal judge is a 70 year old Laredo native and they put the decision for the championship in his hands.

    Here are the videos, what I believe happened is that the puck ricochet's off the post to the goalie's right, then along the goal line and hits the inside of his pad and goes out. It definitely hit that right side somewhere and if it hit behind the post I don't see how it could have come back at that angle:

    Is it a goal, or isn't it?
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    From what I could see, doesn't look like a goal to me.


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    Nope no goal for sure

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