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    Dedicated Services Go Live

    NukeHelpers Proudly Announces Dedicated Server Line
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 8:30 AM CST

    NukeHelpers Hosting of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is proud to announce that its brand new line of competitive dedicated servers has gone live. Our servers are proudly based in The Planet world class datacenter in Dallas, Texas.

    Our new servers will be all be semi-managed; with the option to upgrade to a more advanced management plan on any server. The advanced option includes more safety measures and options that the average or even advanced user might not be aware about.

    The NukeHelpers team was quite excited, as characterized by Denver Hunter, Vice President, of NukeHelpers Hosting:

    “Once again, we’re certainly proud to unveil a new product line. As with our voice hosting program that we launched back in March, we feel that dedicated servers give us just another way to distance ourselves from the competition and help out our deserving clients. The personal touch, as with all of our other services, is still the focal point of our dedicated line.”

    The dedicated servers went live at approximately 8:30 AM CST this morning.
    More information can be obtained at

    About NukeHelpers
    NukeHelpers is a very successful web hosting company based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Since the start of operations in early May of 2003, NukeHelpers has steadily grown with strong beliefs in an unmatched level of service and support. We believe a company must be honest about everything in order to ensure success and most importantly to maintain a close relationship with our clients. All clients are treated with the same top quality service whether they are just a simple personal website or a large corporate website. This level of service is available for prices that you're simply not going to find anywhere else. Honesty is our policy and we offer an open information environment to all.
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