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    celeron servers--ev1servers VS servermatrix--which is value for money?

    our company has more servers in pentium4...till now we didnt installed a celeron server.
    now we are getting orders for email solutions dedicated server order for 1000 to 1500 be created in a server.
    my question is

    1.)can i suggest celeron servers
    2.)how best it will be compared to pentium 4 servers
    3.)which is best wether ev1servers startup offer or servermatrix
    or do anyother companies is offering best deal.

    please suggest me


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    I would not suggest Celeron servers unless you are really trying to save money. I had problems with one. (I am reading your post a fourth time and you are probably asking something different, itís hard to understand) Anyway, ServerMatrix is by far better then ev1 in my opinion. I have been with both companies and have since moved to SM. SM has better support, they seem to even fix problems or address issues that ev1 tells you they wont do.
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    I would go with ServerMatrix most definently. I had some horrible experiences with ev1, they just don't seem to care.
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    First off, P4's are well worth the extra $20 or so a month than Celeron's. Unless you are REALLY trying to save money, just stick with a P4 2.4 or something. As between EV1 datacenter, and ServerMatrix datacenter: ServerMatrix has one of the best networks around, I would highly recommend a host within their datacenter.

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