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    Is anyone here familiar with memenet hosting?

    Firstly, the guy who runs it, Brian Larter, was banned from this forum. Anyone know why he was banned?

    Secondly, when Endore went out of business several months ago he offered people free hosting for the remainder of their Endore contract. Now, it seems like his site is down and so is my site and my client's site, which are all hosted by Memenet. No notice has been sent to me.

    Any negative experiences would be interesting to read.

    Who knows this guy? He is idle on AIM.

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    He was giving you stuff for free which is hard to pay for when you aren't getting any income in return.
    Patron: I'd like my free lunch please.
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    Originally posted by pixel_fenix
    He was giving you stuff for free which is hard to pay for when you aren't getting any income in return.
    That probably isn't the case otherwise he wouldn't have made that commitment to begin with.

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    Your hosting plans are REALLY inexpensive. How long have you been in business and do you operate a one man shop? I might be looking at new hosts pretty soon for me and my clients.

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    I've talked with Brian as recent as Thursday, He didn't mention any planned downtime. I imagine there's a problem at the data center in New Jersey, I know a while back they were having an issue with connections. They thought they fixed it. I would imagine it might have something to do with all the rain and storms in that area of the country. The only site of memenet up right now is memenet . ca, and if you want to see a network status check out memenet . ca / network, it does currently show the mensa server down.

    I was an endore refugee, and I have worked with Brian on many occasions since. He has always had quick response time, and is always ready to help. If you are worried that this might be another endore.. you can try his number 1.9024254178, but I have no idea if he's home. It is a canadian number so be forewarned you'll be calling out of country.

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    Hey sorry for the lack of responce today I have been on the phone all day with the data center and getting fustrated over my wireless phone. lesson one always be sure you have a wired phone..they don't go dead.

    anyway the server had a power supply issue late last night and the data center was having some issues repairing the system. its all being fixed as we speak thank goodness.

    I am looking into a system at the moment that will prevent downtime from this point on and should be absolutly no extra cost to the customers.

    also so you know my account here at WHT was banned about a year or so ago due to my not paying attention and breaking the rules by offering to sell someone a domain in the incorrect area. i just never got around to reactivating my account until recently.

    if you have any questions or concerns feel free to e-mail me personally

    [email protected]

    or contact me via IM

    icq: 113123031
    msn: [email protected]
    aim: memenetgroup

    and yes phone number is

    1-902-425-4178 is my home number. feel free to call but be warned that its long ditance and in canada. still looking into getting a 1-800 number but its going to be a few months off still.
    Brian Larter

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