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    Instant Setup <<< Dedicated server providers


    I know, any other that you know?

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    Actually, if the service provider have what you need in stock, I'm sure they'll be able to deliver it.

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    In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.

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    Let's talk about a petpeeve of mine....companies that use the term "instant setup" that have no right to.

    Instant means Instant. Right then, not hours later.

    The only provider I know that offers a truly instant setup is EV1. They are able to do so because you are only able to order a server that is already configured and ready.

    Burst has gotten into the habit of using "Instant Setup" in their ads here but what they are offering is not instant. By the end of the night if ordered by a certain time is not instant. Fast, maybe, but it is cheating the word.

    Burst/Nocster is certainly not the only one who uses it as a selling tool, I just see theirs most often, but unless that server is ready the instant you make payment and you can log into it right then, you are not offering truly instant setup.

    End rant....

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