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    HOT DEAL! 2.4 GHZ from 125$ / month

    Hello !,

    This is my first post in this section of the forum.

    We are a reseller of atjeu and are selling their dedicated servers!

    If you buy the dedicated server through us , any issue you will have you will have to go through us , atjeu will not support you directly , we will support any issue you will have!

    Our website :
    ( Our website is currently being rebuilt with a new web design so nothing about our dedicated server is written on there , the new design will have all the details about this )

    The server is:

    P4 2.4 GHZ 533 MHZ FSB
    512 MB RAM
    80 GB 7200 rpm
    500 GB Bandwidth
    10 IPs
    Remote Reboot Port

    100$ setup
    125$ per month


    50$ setup
    140$ per month

    These servers are basically UNMANAGED but we will do these ON REQUEST:
    1. O/S Updates and Patches on request
    2. Kernel updates (rpm based) on request
    3. If you need remote hands at the datacenter for any purpose , we will ask atjeu to do that .

    The main points of the TOS of atjeu:

    1. Nothing illegal! - no illegal spamming, illegal pornography, unsolicited email (opt-ins are ok), warez, serial numbers, cracks, codes, stolen MP3's etc...
    2 . No Server abuse.
    4 . If you violate any of the above policies, Atjeu will cancel your account (we always contact you first).

    The 30 day moneyback guarantee stated on does not apply for the dedicated servers.

    If you are interested reply to this thread, pm me or contact us at [email protected]


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    Which DC is that? Any IP or download test?

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    DC is Atjeu I believe.

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    Originally posted by UltraUnixNET
    Which DC is that? Any IP or download test?

    Hello , the DC is , you can ping there main site as i have disabled ping on my own servers.

    I will pm you in a moment with a test file after i have uploaded it.


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