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    Problem with xreg domain transfer.

    On 2nd April I tried to transfer 5 .com domains from Network Solutions to

    Network Solutions say the transfers went through on 3rd April.

    That is almost a month ago.

    Xreg agreed on 19th April that the domains had been transferred to them... but their status has remained unchanged since 6th April (i.e. "Pending: Domain transfer initiated and awaiting approval").

    Their last reply to me was an email on 19th April in which they said "your domains will be available shortly".

    They have ignored all emails since then.

    What should I do?

    Thanks for any help.
    Nick Toop

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    i've seeb some threads about xreg support being slow etc..

    i think you can only wait, and maybe since today/tomorrow is weekend at their end just wait till monday.

    they don't have phone contact?
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    Monday is a public holiday in the UK, so you might have to wait until Tuesday! Have you checked out the whois records to see if they have been updated?

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    Xreg use enom and the status "Pending: Domain transfer initiated and awaiting approval" means that they are awaiting registry's decision to approve or decline the transfer if the transfer has not happened within 6days and 4hours of statuis changing to above the trabsfer will be approved or declined. If the transfer has been completed successfully then it could be that Xreg has not changed the domain transfer status so it can be managed via API so you can manage the domain via their control panel.

    If the transferred has happened when Net Sol is saying it has then your whois details should show ICANN registrar as Enom and Xreg as registrar. I suggest check the whois details at

    On the other hand it could be that an error has occured and they are waiting for enom to sort it out, enom is closes at weekends.

    Good luck.

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    This confirms that the domain has indeed been transferred to Xreg, Coveria is their parent company name. Just keep on e-mailing them to change the status of the domain so you are able to control it.

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