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    can a celeron or P4 2.4 handle a db extensive forum?

    what I am looking for is a dedicated server with one celeron/p4 CPU to host one site, budget limits within $100-120/month, no DNS server/email server/control panel required, one IP is ok, what I will host is one forum writen in Java Servlet (Resin) with a backend sql DB(mySQL or PostGresql, prefer the latter), concurrent users are around 500 with 15 minutes, 300G bandwidth is ok. the following promotion (it's just $95) comes from Cyberwurx looks interesting.

    350 gigs data transfer
    2.4 GHZ
    512 MB RAM
    40 GB Hard Drive
    8 IPS
    Free Reboots
    Redhat 9.0 or Choice of OS

    I am not sure if it meets my current requirements? I dont want my users to have lag. any idea is welcome. Thanks.
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    Umm don't even try it with a celeron.

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    Don't go with a Celeron, go with a P4, or a P4 with hyperthreading if possible. I'd also recommend boosting the RAM to 1GB if possible.


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