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    ensim pro for windows

    hi everyone,

    i have ensim pro for windows. and i believe ensim uses the logfiles to calculate the bandwith usage etc. can anyone please tell where all the logfiles are stored. Or are different log files stored in different areas? I am assuming there are log files for FTP, SMTP, POP3, HTTP etc. but where are all these stored? i wanted to write a script that will delete all files that are older than 1 month. But i can only do this if i know where these files are.

    any advice would be very much appreciated.


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    Re: ensim pro for windows

    Originally posted by kellyboyce
    any advice would be very much appreciated.
    Ok, get Linux or Unix, and stay away from windows.

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    philman213, how is that relevant?

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    Originally posted by whoppe
    philman213, how is that relevant?
    whoppe, it's just an uninformed n00b taking advantage of an open ended advice question.

    Kelly: scripts like the following will help get you started...
    delete all files from my IIS log file directory

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