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    Problem: WS_FTP LE Delete Folders

    Hallo all,

    I cannot delete non-empty folders in WS_FTP LE, but I know that this is not impossible.
    In WS_FTP LE there is a small text box in the right corner of the program where you can type in some commands. If you want to delete a non-empty folder you have to type in a specific command in there, but I forgot what a command it was...
    ... the problem is that, after deleting all the files in a folder sometimes it still seems not to be empty, but in my eyes it is. There seem to be some hidden files which you can make appear with the command I need!

    Could anyone help me? That would be very nice, because there are many folders on my server I just cannot delete!

    Thank you!
    Sincerely, Dominik
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    In the Properties for the site you are connecting to, select the Startup Tab and enter -a in the Remote File Mask box. Then delete that .htaccess file.


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    Thank you very much AussieHost!
    Sincerely, Dominik
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    I love WS_FTP because it's a free and simple FTP client but this really annoys me.

    Instead of doing what AussieHosts has suggested, I login to my control panel (cPanel or Direct Admin) go to the File Manager and delete it from there

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    Actually, WS FTP will let you delete non empty folders, you need to get into your options. Click on Pro (should be there, otherwise, look through all your tabs). Look for an option of "Allow deletion of non-empty folders." and place a check next to that.
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