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  1. #1 is a great place for anyone interested in web and graphic design to talk and discuss everything. This includes buying, selling, reviewing, appraising, coding, hosting, and much more.

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    Not sure if you wanted a review or not. Anyway, I really like the look of your forums. I tend to be drawn towards the more simple skins.

    Seems like a lot of other people are too.

    69 Members 420 Guests on right now and the boards only opened May 1 2004! Thats impressive!

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    Like the simple, yet effective designs.

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    69 Members 420 Guests on right now and the boards only opened May 1 2004! Thats impressive!
    I noticed similar, but higher figures too. Seems odd, considering there are not nearly as many posts or threads to accomodate all those members, unless they go there purely to look at a total of about 30 threads.

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    Actually session timeout is set at one day, just to log how many people have actually been on in the past day.

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    So basically you use the same exact design as your other sites.. just with a different color scheme.
    It looks alright, but would look better with a nice banner in there.

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    What I'm thinking is, establishment first, small details and etc. second.

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    It's your average IPB forum with a colour scheme applied to it. Nothing interesting, but I might say I like the idea of the links on the bottom of the page(coloured squares)
    Lorand R. Minyo
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    Nice and simple is good :c). I can't stand boards with outrages color schemes! Wow theres a bunch of boards you have, well goodluck with them.
    Sarah :c) - live remotely hosted cPanel & WHM demo hosting service.

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