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Thread: FDC Today?

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    FDC Today?

    I've got a pretty meaty machine as my desktop box, with gobs of disk space. I currently funnel port 8080 requests to it, using it to host a bunch of photos and such. I'm headed off to college in a few months, and I don't think they'd look favorably upon my running of a webserver out of my dorm. (It's not a tech college; places like WPI explicitly say it's okay.)

    It'd be primarily a web/mail server (looks like FDC provides free cPanel licenses to colo customers), although we currently do have a VPS on Internap that we use to run a small CounterStrike server. Anyway, what I'm looking for is an up-to-date look at how FDC is. I was with them about a year ago when they did cPanel Reseller accounts, and they were AWFUL. A search turns up a ton of similar "I was with them a long time ago and left because they were awful." Can current customers only comment on how reliable they are nowadays? Obviously they might not be able to compete with the low latency we get on Internap, but a 10 Mbps unmetered line from Internap is a bit out of my reach.

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    Try the FDC forum.

    They have had some speed issues last week but say they will have it fixed on monday.

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    I would not imagine things to be much diffrent. FDC gets better and worse, but overall unacceptable no matter how you look at it.

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