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    Backup Storage Space - 50 cents per gig! 50 gigs of space for only $25/month!!

    Why Order Backup Solutions from AcuNett?
    After 5 months of preparation, AcuNett has put together ideas from many different sources and has received input from many end users to launch our new premium backup services.

    AcuNett uses servers with quality hardware made only with named-brand manufacturers. These backup servers connected directly to a fully redundant network offering 99.9% uptime.

    We offer a 15 day money back guarantee with all orders as well as multiple guarantees to ensure your data is accessible at all times.

    3 Hour Support Response Guarantee
    12 Hour Account Setup Guarantee
    99.9% Server and Network Uptime Guarantee

    20 GIGs backup storage - $10/month
    50 GIGs backup storage - $25/month
    100 GIGs backup storage - $50/month
    150 GIGs backup storage - $80/month (Dedicated Hard Drive to your account only)

    Solution Details:
    No Setup Fees
    Remote Data Storage from anywhere in the World
    Backup and transfer data as much as you like
    50 cents per GIG of Data Storage
    Unmetered Bandwidth Use (Server is on a shared 100mbit port)
    FTP Transfer Protocol
    Available in 10 GIG Increments

    Have questions? Just ask.
    Linux. Problems Solved. | Built for the Hosting Industry
    Server Management. Helpdesk Management. Business Management.
    ( AcuNett, Est. 15 Years, RateLobby 5 Stars )

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    very nice service ...
    which datacenter? IP?
    thx m8

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    We have servers in FDC @ Chicago and EV1 in Dallas.

    Both DCs have uptime guarantees and excellent speeds.

    IP for FDC
    IP for EV1


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    Test file?

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