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    What to do when...?

    Recently I had an issue with a client who threatened me via e-mail.

    The client will remain unnamed however here is what was told to me:

    "Jeff I would pray to God(or whatever you pray to) That we never meet in person."

    The begining of the email was about how I should find God, etc.

    This client called and demanded that I tell him why the server was down. He did not ask not was not polite either just demanded. Now I know that comes with the territory or running any kind of company. You will always have that one client that is a severe thorn in your side. However this client has been nothing but smug since about 8 months ago. Obviously being smug is not going tto get any issues resolved any faster with anyone. We had a network outage and could do nothing about the downtime. At any rate we exchanged emails back and forth and then he came out with that one shown above.

    I spoke with my business partner soon there after and he told me to call the Lawyer in the AM. I spoke to a third party who is a good friend of mine and he said he would have called the authorities right away. My lawyer also told me to get him a copy of the emails, etc so he can do something about it. I held off and terminated this persons hosting instead and gave him ample time to back his stuff up.

    He then called to apologize and told me he was harmless, etc. Apology was accepted however he was still terminated on the grounds that if I forgive him I would have to forgive another client if that were to happen again.

    This person is not a kid. If it were a kid I think I would have just passed it off. This person is older than I and knows right from wrong and knows that a threat is and what a threat isn't.

    So my question is what do you do when a client threatens you? Do you terminate them? Call the authorities?

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    You did the right thing - terminate the account - and tell them to go somewhere else.

    If you let it go they would then do the same again the next time an issue came up. Smile and say goodbye!

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    Thanks for your quick reply.

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    Also I agree holding off with the lawyer stuff - too many people reach for the legal gun too quickly - of course if I was a lawyer I would advise you to talk to one!

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    Same here. Although I am still thinking about it. That is why I would like some opinions. Like I said this was not a kid. I would have held off if it were a kid however, this is a grown person you know?

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    My advice - they apologised so move on. Don't go on a 'should know better' crusade just because there not a kid, is it up to you to teach them a lesson?

    You will be wasting your time - use it to find a new client - it will cost you less money and hair!

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    Truly. Thanks for your opinion. That is why I posted here.

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    "Jeff I would pray to God(or whatever you pray to) That we never meet in person."
    Think about it... not much of a threat is it really?

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    I've had some "funny" experiances in the past.
    We had a client who attempted to send us over 100 Fax messages.

    Each one with a different threat, personally i found it rather funny that some idoit has so much time on his hands, we blocked his number from our fax machine and it was sorted.

    Also, we had to get someone removed from security because his FTP password did not work....
    All he had to do was email us and we would have reset it.... lol.

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