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    Looking for free ShoutCast server.

    Does anyone know where I can get a free ShoutCast server?

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    I don't think that anyone would offer a free shoutcast server. If you have a high speed connection, it could be really easy to set one up on your desktop computer that can support a few listeners.

    All the software you would need to download could be found at:

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    I downloaded that, but it requires me to connect to a server. How do I host it from my computer?

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    Download the DNAS under the "Be a server" section.

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    If you were to host it on your home computer, there would be two problems.

    There would be some major buffering problems, major.

    Also, it would only be able to support most likely a maximum of 10 users at a time.

    There are no free SHOUTcast servers, they consume massive amount of bandwidth. Also, keep in mind that ISP's don't allow public servers on a home connection. The chance of them catching you are slim, however if they do your in trouble.

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    its better to buy one if you are wanting more than a few listeners lol

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    You may find some shoutcast providers offering free hosting to large streams for advertising..... Look around im sure you will find something.
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