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    What to charge


    I have a new free forum hosting site, which hosts 70 forums and gets 2000 - 3000 hits daily and growing every single day.

    I was wondering what would you charge for a banner in place of the one on and every other hosted forum.

    As i said it gets 2000-3000 hits daily and is growing.


    PS. Have a Hivemail licence? Need advertising? Wanna trade?

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    Thanks matey

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    you can try to ask 15-20$ or try with adsense
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    Im currently using Adsense, but i am not making enough really.

    $20 per month for over 50,000 visits?

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    I don't think I made much with Adsense on a free forum hosting site I previously owned. The reality is that most of the forums are just chit chat about not much, and Adsense can't really produce any high paying ads for that kind of thing. You have to find another way to generate income for a free forum site, in my opinion. Further, because there are so many free forum sites, I doubt you'd get them to pay anything to lose the banner. You could try $10 / year perhaps. That market I think may be more interested in paying for new skins and stuff, however, than in getting rid of banners. Just my opinion.
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