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    ssh connection problem

    Hello Friends,
    I have posted this query before but no one responed.
    I am having FreeBsd server at remote location ..we connect to it via ssh..
    But since the day one we are getting connection time out error for this connection....
    We can connect to other Linux server via ssh but not this new one..
    From my knwledge we don't have firewall setup for yet..
    as it is new one...
    But I don't know exactly...
    I even tried to check the port 22 ..
    it is fine..
    other people can connect to it easily..
    but we can't....
    Can anyone help me to get solution?
    Thank you.

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    Could it be maybe DNS issue? Try connecting using IP. Also check that you didn't add yourself to hosts.deny (I doubt it...but you never know). Try connecting to server via another server. Also once you're logged in see sshd logs.

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    Did you try "ssh -v " to see more infor for easier trouble shooting ?

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