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    Can I get a credit card in USA?

    Is there any way to get an internet credit card, either visa or master card, that is issued in USA. A virtual credit card that I can use it be deposing money in its account using my local credit card. The reason why I want this, is because so many sites do not accept any internationl credit card issued outside USA.


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    Do you have a U.S. SSN# and a U.S. mailing address? If so, this can be done. If not, then it is very unlikely since credit card issuers do a credit check on all applicants and use their credit score and report as a basis for approval. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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    Dear cdgcommerce,

    I do have a U.S mailing address, but I don't have a social number since I'm not an american citizen

    Will the mailing address be enough? or is there a way to get a SN?

    Thank a lot

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    What You can get is:
    1. TaxID - EIN for a company which You can have there. It's like SN but for a company.
    You can get it in 1 day if You enquire directly IRS.

    2. ITIN which is SSN for non American Citizens. I heard it takes 30 days. Same source to look in - IRS.

    Problem is that if they do credit checks I am not sure if it will actually help.

    CDG any ideas?

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    Paypal issued me one, Am not a citizen nor live in the US.
    But I've been with them for years.
    Verified international address through my local bank.

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    Did they issue You a real credit card like VISA or MC or they issued a debit card like Cirrus, Maestro?

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    It is a MasterCard. they call it " PayPal Premier Business Card "

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    kanine, how did you get the paypal debit card?

    i thought the debit card is only for US members?

    i can't apply for it as i am not a US resident.

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    I just clicked on the apply button. I'm Canadian and been Paypal member for years. and verified International address.

    By the way I upgraded to Business/Merchant Account

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    Do you want a physcial or Virtual.

    If its virtual try

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