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    Logo for boat club (comp)

    This is my first request so please excuse me if I do anything wrong.

    Here goes...

    I run a boating site. The site (link in my profile) is homemade by me and as you'll see I'm not a graphic designer. First stage of the redesign will be a new logo. As I already pay all the costs of running the site I only have $25 available (payable by Palpal) for the logo. If I spend any more my wife might find out! Further cash will be avalable to design a simple but classy template for the site.

    The primary colours for the logo are to be blue and silver with jade and red as secondaries. Ideally I'd like a stylized outline/picture of a boat as part of the logo.

    The logo colours need to be interchangeable so that it can be used on a white or a blue background.

    There are some additional requirements that are available by PM'ing me.

    Obviously happy for all samples to contain a watermark.

    Closing date 7/5/04.

    Many thanks, Pete

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    Oh yeah, forgot to say the text must be "Fairline Owners Club".

    Told you I was a newbie!

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    I am interested in designing your logo, and if chosen, further site design work that you need. I will start on a logo now to show to you, if you wish to contact me, contact me as in sig.


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    Contact me at [email protected] or aim designbyshima

    I will provide you 3 -4 concepts you pick the one you like the best and I will revise until you are happy! I have a degree in design and can provide you with feedback from my other clients. Yes you can trust me I won't burn you however payment terms are through paypal.

    Thank you,
    Shima Patel

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