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    Hosts that that go the extra mile

    I would to do a survey of hosting companies that have provided support or hosting features more than you expected. Companies that go the extra mile to provide extraordinary service. I would like to hear personally from users of that host.

    Please explain why and what the company has done. I will start first.
    I have hosted with a few hosts since 1998, but I remember this incident in August 2003 where ********.com offered me help more than I expected.

    I was developing a Eshopping mall website for a client in August 2003, and I had so much problem with the new IIS6.0 where the site is hosted in Windows 2003 at that time. The asp scripts wasn't really compatible, the site doesn't allow me to FTP or login, and I wasn't able to publish using Frontpage too.

    I was quite annoyed with the server where my site is hosted, but ********.com shown us how they have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into supporting customer as a team.

    After several attempts to publish using Frontpage, but to no avail, the technical support dept recoded a window screen movie on how they manage to publish from their site and send the clip specially for me. They did this many times on other issue and I was happy. I was really angry, but I could see from they ever replies from their email, that they insisted they are wrong [even though they are not at times]and willing to solve the problem for me without any quarrel or objections.

    I was particular happy in the same incident when they willing to transfer the problematic site to another server to test the IIS compatible issue. When the incident was over, they email me several times to ask me how is the site and asked me in details if I want to change back or if I want ********.com to debug the asp script for me. It was a good experience.

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    Well, not everyone fall and recover so happily.. generally customers have an angry face after every problem (as it should haven't been), however good the support has been..
    Still, I feel Hosts that that go the extra mile are which make sure their customers or their website not fall into trouble often.
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    This is an interesting topic, thank you for bringing it up.

    Out of the 10+ web hosts (mostly reseller) I have tried, there's only one who has gone "the extra mile" ( They have been nothing but professional, knowledgeable and above all else very helpful.

    Idologic's support has been very pro-active and I applaud them for making me a very customer.

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