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    cpanel back up unzipping

    i used the backup function in cpanel to send a home directory of my site to a new server.

    when i login to the other server i see the zipped file but how can i unzip it? i have cpanel on the other server too and i click restore and it just asks me to click something on my desktop.

    is there a way i can unzip online it and have it in the same folders on the new server as it is on the old server?


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    Zip? I'm pretty sure cPanel doesn't zip it.

    You can try cd'ing to it and doing:

    tar -zxvf filename-backup-whateverhere.tar.gz

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    if you have root access, you can use command like Bizarre, otherwise, you should contact with your host, to ask their help. They can restore your data quickly.

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