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    We lost a few to the big "100gb for $0.99" plan

    Yes, we are very bummed out about this. We have lost around 4 or 5 clients to these over the top hosting plans. In one sense, I feel bad losing clients to these kiddie hosts. In the other, I feel sorry for the people who fall for them. I think it's time that everyone knows about this, and to stay away from plans like these.

    What is your position?
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    They'll come back it's part of the industry. Besides those clients weren't loyal so maybe it's better they went away.
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    Customers do tend to get attracted towards offers (that is what offers are meant for). But in the long run they will finally stay with the one that provides best service at an affordable price.
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    Well, people are suckers. They will start crawling away from this host shortly, the only problem is -

    Will they come crawling back to you?
    .....or another company?

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