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    Counter Strike servers crash my LInux Box!?!?

    OK, i have a

    Dual Xeon Processor with 2.0 Ghz
    512 mb DDR ram
    160 gb hd
    Linux Fedora

    I have 7 cs servers on it, 5 1.5 and 2 1.6. I have 5 servers on 1 ip, and 2 servers on another ip. (i have 5 ip's total)

    What should i do? My server crashed twice in the last 2 days. And i'm not sure what is wrong, Please help me, Should i add more RAM or should i switch ip's for like 2 on each ip? Does that help? Or what should i do!! PLEASE

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    O dear god man of course you should add more ram you should be running a dual server with no less than 1 gig of ram.
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    Maybe there is something wrong with one of the mods installed which it most likely is!

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    Agreed. 512mb of RAM on that server is way below standard.

    I run 2 CS Servers on a 512mb box and it "toes the line" for crashing.

    Also check your logs, you should be able to find out why it's crashing.

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    I'd recommend at least 2 GB of RAM. Otherwise, upgrade to 1 GB RAM and downgrade to a single P4.

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    Where are you getting this server from?
    Who puts 512MB RAM into a Dual Xeon?
    You are going to need at least 1.5GB of RAM for that thing to run at it's peak, any less and it's a waste of money.

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    Originally posted by cybexhost1

    Who puts 512MB RAM into a Dual Xeon?
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