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    Looking for banner advertisements. Will pay $5/10pm depending on traffic


    We are looking for advertiser`s. We are willing to pay between $5-$10 per month for a 468x60 web banner. You must provide your site`s stats and information. You may PM me here or email me at the contact below.

    Thank you


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    Check this out.
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    I would like to partially steal your attention to toumanov media ( We produce high-quality resources (two major projects to follow in the next 90 days) and never use any mass ways of getting our traffic, but through search engines and manually selected partners, to ensure the quality of advertising user that come to our properties with a visit. In brief - our users is our pride, although it required many years of effort.

    Depending on what your target market is, the chance is - we might serve it.

    The biggest property (as of today) is, the largest Student Media Network on the Internet. All the data:

    One is in development, another in the acquisition process. And all the prices are even lower than proposed CPM rates, elegantly designed to give our clients worth for their money and us enough funds to operate.

    If you would like to schedule an interview on the phone or e-mail, please contact me at artashes (at)

    Good luck shopping.

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    currently i have a few 468x60 banner spots available, please check this thread for more info, and PM me w/ questions or for my paypal address None of the cool kids are doing it.

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