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    Ah the good old days :-)

    Somehow I come across this thread while searching google for stuff. I was readin thru it and felt the need to say "I told you so" :-)

    It was said in that thread that we wouldnt last, and would never get our act together. Well....we did. That's not to say I'd want to go thru it all again. However, it is proof that a host with problems can get it together, and become a really good host.. This forum is so full of posts of hosts closing their doors, I figured I'd show some positives for once.

    This also comes in part that I read some other threads about other hosts...people were saying "They suck, I used them 3 years ago and..." Well, they can change. I think there are several hosts posting here who had a hard time getting going, but finally got it.

    This also serves to show new hosts that if you are serious about doing it, dont give up just because you have a rough time in the beginning. Just look at OUR history, we had it REALLY bad when we first started the pay hosting side of our business.. but try, try, try again till you get it right..

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    I said it then .. and I say it again

    Originally posted by CRego3D
    Damm, this is better than the Latest King Novel .. and for FREE !!

    a little longuer too
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