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    Moon-Hosting Releases New Services

    April 30th, 2004

    CHICAGO, IL Moon-Hosting Internet Services today announced its
    intentions to sell dedicated servers with it's new subsidiary,
    PowerColocation ( this step, they have redesigned
    there website to be the most customer
    friendly website in Moon-Hostings history. Moon-Hosting now offers
    Resellers and a variety of Shared Hosting plans. Moon-Hosting's Founder
    and Owner, Max Hester, states "Moon-Hosting has made tremendous strides to
    make it's services better and faster than ever. With our new server just
    purchased in January, new services were released with the new server as
    well as more reliability of our system and infrastructure. Moon-Hosting
    continues to provide great services with our first class staff and our
    great prices."

    About Moon-Hosting
    Moon-Hosting was founded in early 2003, to host all small/middle budget web sites; and since then we have been doing just that and more. We believe that a good company consists of multiple strong philosophies, which are carried out by a team of competent employees working strongly together.

    Moon-Hosting Internet Services was founded in Summer 2002 by Max Hester.
    In Fall 2002, Gilles Carlier took on the position of Co-Owner.

    Moon-Hosting is commited to providing quality services to clients.
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