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    win98 Start up problems

    New to the forum, I had a question regarding my laptop. I have an old IBM 390e Thinkpad and I just got a 12 gb hard drive. When I start my computer up without the boot disk it reads "no operating system found". I know that I have to format and partition the new drive as well as install an os. When I use the start up disk and try fdisk, the computer is telling me that there is no fixed disk present. I had a 6.49 gb hard drive before and it was working but then one day it started doing the same thing as previously explained. I thought the 6.49 was a bad drive so I picked up the 12gb on ebay. Is there something I am missing? Any help would be awesome.


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    If I understood you correctly:

    The problem might be that some PC just have a sort of "hard drive capacity limit", you might want to check it on "smaller" hard drive.

    Or, try changing cable from motherboard to HD.

    hope this helps.

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