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    hey, how do i set it up?

    im going to buy this:, but without ensim, cause i heard alot of - about it. how would i set it up, and run the reseller, or setup the ftp accounts? there isnt no c-panel!

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    You'd need a control panel for to do reseller accounts & that stuff (if you're going to be hosting other people). What bad stuff have you heard about Ensim? It's a good control panel from what I've heard, just like CPanel and Plesk.

    - Matt

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    how bout if im not hosting other people? do i still need a control panel, and i guess this is stupid of me, but i told another web host i was going to valueweb, and he said ensim is a bad control panel. guess he was wrong then,

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    if you are familiar with Linux command, you can setup user accounts, ftp accounts, emails.... but if you need to create reseller accounts, I guess you will need a control panel. I myself dont like Ensim, but many other people are still using it

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    There's nothing wrong with Ensim, different people just have different preferences is all. If you want to set up reseller accounts you will need to include Ensim Pro, but if not you should be okay with Ensim Basic.

    You could also get Plesk7 with that offer, though at a cost of $20 a month.

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    Yeah, like he said, there is nothing wrong with Ensim. But they give you Ensim Basic, which doesn't allow for you to create reseller accounts. You could always upgrade to Pro, or get Plesk. - Host on Cloudrck
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