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    OSCommerce Request

    I find Oscommerce one of my favorites because it has so many features but it lacks an integrated solution for uploading multiple files with all the desc., price etc.

    I have tried to look into the oscommerce forum and they have several utilities to hack the oscommerce features to do what I want but most of them have bugs or I probably I just did not have luck and did not worked for me.

    Does anybody knows about a hack to to make oscommerce able to upload images and products database in a CSV file or simmilar that really works and you don't have to mess much with the PHP and or SQL database?

    I don't mind to mess with the SQL or PHP it's just that I want to have a solution that I just upload and I don't have to do a lot of configuration time.
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    The best one (Any you will have to install it, or get someone to install it for you), is Easy Populate - This is probably one of the MOST popular modifications to OSCommerce, and one of the BEST supported as well.

    This will allow you to add products in bulk from a CSV file, and also offers additional functionality. I would highly recommend you give it a second look if you didn't have luck with it the first time.

    The thread for it on the oscommerce forums is very, very large, and there are no shortage of experienced OSCommerce admins and users that could help you if you get stuck.

    Most of the oscommerce modifications work fine if you work slowly and follow directions. There's not a whole lot to most of them other than uploading files to the right places, and editing existing files carefully per the installation documentation included with the modification. If you are not comfortable with editing PHP and following directions, then deffinently stay away from any modification that requires changes to the SQL database - If these break the database, you could set yourself back alot of time.

    It's been 1 year since our Oscommerce website went live, and only now have we tweaked it enough to make it truely functional for our company. We are extremely carefull with it, and have even put up a second test server to test all of our configuration changes before applying them to the live site.

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    Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. Really appreciate it. I tried the first time with easy populate I will try it again. Maybe I have better luck this time.
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    When we got our first 1000 products online, we were very hesitant to change anything about the store - It was several hundred hours worth of work. Just make sure you have backups of every file you need to change - keep them in a seperate folder. If you mess up, just replace the broken file with the origional, (a 'hot spare' file). This gets things running much faster =). It's an obvious idea, but for some reason it took me a long time to start doing things that way.

    Also - I tend to print off the installation instructions, and write on them, check off each step as I complete it, and make any notes as needed. This has helped me when I've had a problem.

    Good luck with the easy populate -

    Also - If you get close to giving up, take a look at OSC MAX, or OSC LOADED, they are both free, pre-configured OSC packages that include many of the most popular OSC modifications. Both of these packages are fairly well suported and have a moderatly large installation base.
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