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    Post Pay Perldesk via PayPal

    Hello people,

    I was wondering, if someone has bought PerlDesk via PayPal ? I emailed Sales two days ago and still no-response... btw; Are there some "Resellers" like on Modernbill ?


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    They accept PayPal.

    I've never heard of PerlDesk resellers though. And not really sure what John's doing with project any more.
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    Thanks Dennis

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    I have been using this software for 2 years nearly, and we have been waiting since August 2003 for an update to be released.

    Personally I would say hang on your cash untill it's been released, 1.8 has a lot of bugs (just check the forums) though I see they have just released v2 RC1 I will be testing this over the weekend.

    John is not the fastest at support or sales but you will get your software, it might just take a few days.

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