I have a Network Everywhere 4 port router on a cable internet connection with a dedicated ip. Behind that I have my webserver running 2000 Server and a workstation running XP Pro each with their own internal IP. I have tried 2 configurations, placing the server behind the firewall on the router and opening port 80 to forward to the server and setting the server in the DMZ.

Now, I have a domain registered and pointing to my ip and the website running on the webserver. This domain is accessable but sometimes, the router quits sending all port 80 requests to the windows 2000 server and instead directs them to the XP Pro workstation. I have to unplug the network cable from the router that goes to the XP Pro workstation and recycle the power on the router then plug the cable back in. The website is once again accessable to everyone. The for no apparent reason the website becomes unavailable again. I tested this by starting the webserver on the XP Pro box and low and behold, the router for some reason send the port 80 packets to the XP Pro instead of the Windows 2000 Server.

Has anyone ever heard of this and know of how to resolve this problem?