Hi all,

I'm seeking an experienced individual with great phone negotiating skills and a thorough understanding of online business, specifically the domain industry and some basic information about generating money from traffic (monetization of traffic) for a part/full time position with our company Galt Networks.

Terms of the agreement will be discussed in more detail with any interested parties. To qualify, you must be at least 20 years old, have ample time, and have great phone skills.

This will likely be an interesting and highly rewarding experience for the successful applicant. Net compensation of anywhere from mid 5 figures to low 6 figures is easily attainable...you will be entitled to an ample revshare of total profits generated.

Please PM for further details.

Some clarification, this is not telemarketing nor is it related to hosting. We have created a proprietary system to monetize traffic and you will help us retain and find new advertising clients.