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    Alternative to DRAMS..

    I've searched and searched for a viable solution to my domain registration.

    I'm currently using WHM AutoPilot for my hosting, but I'm getting antsy. The domain registration feature is supposed to be released in the next version(don't know exactly when, try to find a straight answer to this question @ whmap forums)

    As of now, I have Matt's whois script running and it works beautifully. But once it gets to the point of paying for the domain and registering it, I'm absolutely stuck.

    I've gotten pretty good with WHM AP and I don't want to let it go for Drams, but if this update doesn't come out soon enough.. DRAMS may have another customer.

    Are there any free/lowcost alternatives to DRAMS out there that I'm not seeing?

    I saw a post floating around here somewhere abotu $49 Dram licenses, but the seller backed out of the transaction. Does anybody know about that?
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    check although i recommend drams

    it used to be $60 in the old days before the new version comes.

    try checking domain name offers and requests forum might find someone selling his license.
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    Whoiscart is only $35 and you get alot for that price.
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