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    * What is the best web host for me?

    Does any good web host meet these criteria? Need one soon my current host has been down 2 days!

    I have narrowed my choices down but would like additional feedback.

    My current options:

    Criteria that MUST be met.

    - Testing period for my web apps with MS SQL DB's before I dedicate
    on signing up
    - Credible thirds party references from reliable objective sources
    - .NET framework 1.0 & 1.1 on same server
    - ASP.NET
    - MS SQL Server 2000 on a separate server other than web server
    - Flash
    - XML
    - MDAC
    - ASPEmail, CDO, System.Web.Mail
    - Able to support third party components/dll's (no addtional charges
    and will not be installed in GAC)
    - Able to support and run my own custom dll's (meaning that an
    assembly/dll will be generated from ASP.NET code behinds or a free
    standing custom assembly/dll)
    - Disk Space: Minimum 400MB
    - Data Transfer: Minimum 5GB per month
    - Can handle more than 3 different domains in one acct.
    - Unlimited Email addresses and able to setup different email
    addresses per domain
    e.g. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    - POP3/IMAIL email access
    - Email forwarding, CatchAll
    - Web email access
    - Must indicate if email storage is shared with the disk space
    - # of FTP accounts > 10 per domain (if possible)
    - Good Control Panel that handles IIS virtuals, setting up MSSQL DB,
    files access, ftp user management, custom error pages, setting page
    defaults, and more!
    - Web stats
    - More than 2 ways of backing up data and it should be on separate
    backup servers
    - Daily web and DB server backups
    - > 99% uptime with SLA and prorate monthly rate if obligations not
    - Email support response time less than 4 hrs
    - Free telephone support (if possible)
    - General 24x7 customer support
    - U.S. Based
    - No Setup fees
    - Finally price less than $30 per month
    - I can pay monthly or yearly


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    That's some serious Criteria.

    The 4 hosts you have listed, I must admit, I have never heard of any of them, so you may want to try doing a search on these forums for all 4 of them, and see what you can dig up.

    As for your criteria, I am certain there is a host out there that could meet all of it, you just gotta find them, or they have to find you, either or.

    Also, you could try the Host Quote that WHT offers.

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    Also, you might want to try other forums such as or something like

    hope this helps . good luck!

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    Custom and 3rd party .dll's means it's a dedicated, not shared server, right?

    How long of a testing period did those 4 agree to?
    Just curious.
    They must really want your <$30 per month.

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    Well those 4 met the majority of my criteria however. I wanted to get additional feedback from the community on other hosts i did not come across.

    The 3rd party dll's are specifically .NET assemblies/dll's that I have. There is no need for registering them in the registry or installing them into the .NET GAC. Just wonder if i can put them in my \bin folder and still work with my ASP.NET web app.

    Any other recommendations?



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    Even I haven't heard about any of the above hosts.. Maybe searching forums and google should help.
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    Sure will search. Trying to keep this thread alive.


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    you might want to take a look at

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    Originally posted by mndang
    Sure will search. Trying to keep this thread alive.


    I've been a customer of Crystaltech for over three years. They are a great web host and you can find plenty of positive comments/posts within the various forums about CT. They have a strong (and loyal) customer following because of their long standing record.

    Your list of criteria is quite long so it might be hard to find one host that meets everything. Inregards to CT...a few items you will want to check on are the Email Addresses on extra domains and the handling of IIS virtuals/multiple domains on one account.
    You can set up email aliases on extra domains for no charge or you can set up true separate POP email accounts on the extra domains for a monthly fee. Also, the extra domains on one account must be controlled using a redirect script to point a particular domain to a specific directory. A lot of this stuff is discussed within their public forums. Make sure to read up on it.

    Anyway....I'm sure there are other great hosts out there as well. I haven't had to worry about looking for one for the past three years and that is nice!


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    Yeah Crystaltech was vrey good a choice but had to rule them out becuase they don't support .NET 1.0 framework. My sites won't run on 1.1. Other than that CT looks great.

    Thanks for the useful information.

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