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    Talking is one of the BEST

    I posted in here a month ago looking for a great hosting company, and I must say, I found the very best. This company has to have the best customer service on the planet. When I first signed up with them, I was having trouble with my previous host because they were refusing to let me backup my site. One of's CEO's (Michael) personally e-mailed them and he tried to reason with them but got nowhere as well. Finally, with a little pursuasion from me everything was settled and I was able to get the backup done.

    After I uploaded it up to my new server, many things were broken, and I didn't know what to do. Michael had given me his AIM name and so I IMed him telling him of my problems. Michael was able to fix all of my MYSQL databases, got everything working correctly, and spent a long time with me making sure I got everything set up just right.

    It doesn't stop there, whenever I need help with something I can count on him to help me out. For example, I needed a script for my site, and he provided me with one. When I need advice on different things, he helps me out. These are things I have never received from a hosting company before, and I am glad I found this one. The plan I'm on is really great as well. 10gb of space, and 100gb of bandwith for only $29.95. And for the people who are skeptical about not really getting 100gb of bandwith, he IM's me all the time telling me that I should find other ways to get my visitors to use more bandwith. They are also really serious about 99.9% uptime because in the last month my site was only down for a mere 17 minutes. Michael said if my site was down for 28 minutes longer, I would get a partial refund for this month. Also, they are on a OC-192 line. OMG! I have never seen my ftp program connect so fast to my site before. It's really cool!

    He really is a nice guy, their plans are really great, and they also offer custom plans as well. Yes, it might seem if I'm promoting them, but I am! They are seriously a great hosting company, and I definitely suggest checking out!!

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    Thanks, Im glad to be of service
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    That is one good review!!
    Someone is doing something very right, so 2 thumbs up to

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    Thanks, I sure hope we are doing everything right :-P
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