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    Unhappy Can't Install RaQ PKGs

    I have a RaQ 4r-550.

    Whenever I try to install a PKG I get this error:
    There was an error verifying the package file. It may be corrupted, or it may not have the correct authentication information. The software package was not installed.
    I have now tried this with several packages from several sources. Right now I'm trying to get SQL installed from

    What am I missing?

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    If you have the RaQ550 OS running on a RaQ4 you need RaQ550 PKGs!

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    you have a RaQ 4r-550, raq4r hardware, raq550 os, you can not install packages for raq3+4 on it, only those for raq550

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    yup, not only is it the wrong package, but *often* you get this even withteh right packages if the script/upload times out.

    it's often more efficient to wget the files into the /home/packages directory and install them from there.
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    Sometimes people package Raq 500 incorrectly. I often have to untar the pkg and just install it manually using RPM.

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