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    Simple phpBB dice mod wanted

    I am looking for someome to develop a dice mod for my phpbb forums.

    Something along the lines of this

    Use can choose nubmer of dice he rolls, and how many sides. If number of dice rolled is <=6 then display each individual roll. If not, just display total on right.

    Uses the template for the row colors, and background images.
    For the SQL, use (phpbb prefix)dice
    Only 3 files, dice.php, the ACP and dice_install.php with the SQL entries.

    In the ACP, displays how long the dice rolls should be archived.
    X Days
    X Entries
    Database is X kb
    Keep all

    Any of those.

    Overall, seems pretty simple. I'm willing to pay $10 for this. This will be used on my forums, and possibly re-distributed. Your name will be all over it of course

    Any questions? Post here, email or IM me

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    will do for $30

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    Thanks for the offer. Let me see who's interested and get back to you.

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