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    whm accounts deleted... HELP!

    I have a HUGE problem.. in whm, my accounts in "list accounts" were deleted, however when I go to dns zones, all are still in tact. The list accounts menu lists accounts i made from mid march but the rest (over 100 accounts) were deleted.

    When you try to access a website that has dns zone but no listing under "list accounts" leads you to the ip instead of the zone

    problem, please help!
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    please help!

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    Backup httpd.conf and then do a rollback of that file using your WHM and see what you get from there.

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    If you have root previlages try running /scripts/upcp or have your host run it, sometimes Cpanel messes up account list. - Business Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting & Fast VPS Hosting Best India Web Hosting Provider. India Web Hosting
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    ask your host.. he might be knowing what happened
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    I think your /etc/userdomains was null . Run /scripts/updateuserdomains if you have root. if Not ask from your host
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