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    Looking for a UK ISP with affiliate scheme

    I wondered if anyone knew of a UK based ISP with a reseller scheme.

    I will be selling a PHP based product online, and ideally would like the customer to add a domain name and/or hosting account to their shopping cart and buy the whole thing as a package.

    I therefore need to find an ISP that could offer this kind of functionality (if one exists), also needs to support PHP, be pretty cheap/offer a fairly basic package, few email accounts etc. All standard stuff apart from the ability to integrate with a resellers site.


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    OK, how about non UK then?

    Any takers?

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    webfusion and a there is a lot more. A quick scan through some of the computer mags in your local reading library (WH Smiths) will bring more up.

    With supanames you buy individual products and you can use things like an unbranded control panel so that customers can access their own accounts.

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    and there are so many in Internet-Magazine also
    Wholesale Domain Prices for Retail Customers -

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