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    Arrow BUYING WEB HOSTING Customers!

    We are Looking to Purchase around 40-70 client's From an existant Web Hosting Business. Wheather a whole client base or a ''chunk'' from a bigger client base. We are willing to make a generous offer. Our servers are based on Plesk (Redhat Linux). .PM With your offers and details!

    Server Details:

    -p4 2.4Ghz
    -1Gb DDR Ram
    -2x80Gb hard disks

    If you have a bigger or a smaller client base, do not hesitate to PM me and we may consider in buying.

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    How much are you paying per customer. Looking for a ballpark figure.
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    Arrow Cost Per Client

    Well it depends on the amount of clients being sold... and what sort of plan they are on etc.. I would say No less Than 30$ per client

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