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    vBulletin/site Template Request

    Hello everyone. I run which is basically a discussion board about anything. Now that vBulletin has officially released vb3, I think I'm going to give our site a fresh vb3 start, getting rid of all our useless hacks and what not. Anyways, I need someone to design a template and logo for our vb3 board/site that will really make us stand out. I'm thinking it needs to have a theme relating to a "pub" or something. I'm looking for something really neat here.. and I'm willing to spend what I have to to get a very professional and sleak design to make us unique and fun. Please post or contact me via the following messaging services with your portfolios and price quotes.

    AIM: Madacc
    ICQ: 48268950
    MSN: [email protected]


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    Custom vBskins work starts at $350

    Please contact me if intereasted

    Latest Skin <-- Click

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    check out

    he is really good and is good with support

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