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    This is so perfectly written I had to start a new thread

    Originally posted by SROHost
    I know this is an ancient post, but I have to say that I have made just about every dollar I have earned since 1994 "online". The problem (and source of the dot com bust) is people thinking the internet is some fabulous new money generating machine rather than simply another (and still fabulously inexpensive) communications channel.

    Saying you're going to "make money online" is like saying you're going to "make money using phones" or "make money using railways/highways". Everyone else has access to phones and highways too, but like the internet, these are simply communications and delivery channels to move messages and product. Like everyone selling anything else in the world... you still need to have the right message and product or you have NOTHING.
    This is one of the truest and simplest ways of putting what is at the heart of the internet I have ever read. Its an excellent way of putting what I feel is at the heart and soul of the internet.

    I couldn't sum this up any better I think its a brilliant way of expressing the limitations and possibilities of the net!

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    That's well said. The internet is a great tool, but you still need a good idea. Its not like the early days when there were only a couple of companies in each sector. Now there are sometimes hundreds, you need to stand out.

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    Good information.. some good info in your signature too Tanuk
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    SROHost is one wise person. I don't think I have ever heard that bit of truth put forth so concisely.
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    One thing to notice is that competition can be more fierce on the net. At any one time, a competitor's store is just a few clicks away.

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    Hey Tanuk

    That quote you have is right on the money ( so to speak lol ). I would fully agree with it indeed.

    BTW, nice seeing ya again. Been out of the office last 2 days, so I havent been posting. Always a pleasure.

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    Well nice indeed,thanks for the share!!!!!

    The Dude

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