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    need some suggestion or help

    I hope someone fron this forum can offer help on my issue. I am willing to pay if someone can even code this for me.

    I need a plugin to outlook. When a mail is downloaded with a for subject say "Enquiry"
    Body : I need some quote.

    On reading this email, I decided to re classified this email by editing it subject header to ie. [new] Enquiry. I can right click on the mail and an option edit subject header popup. Then this mail can be edited with new subject header. I can then sort the view by thread.

    I would like this apps be on VB. But any suggestion would be appreciated. Coder who are interested can msn me at [email protected]


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    You can have outlook's filters change the subject for you, and move it to a different folder, highlight the message, change its priority, print it, alert you, etc. etc. etc.

    I think what you want could be done easily with Outlook filters.
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