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    Multiple Site Advice (overwhelmed)

    I've been reading this forum for several weeks now and unfortunately still a little lost as to how to approach my first attempt at choosing a web host.

    What I'm trying to do is create a web site for my father's fantasy racing league
    as well as work on a side project which would be a similar fantasy site which would be a paysite for the public.

    The league for my father would be just for his league and would allow him to upload pictures and team profiles and things like that. It needs to be interactive in that I would allow them to setup default draft sheets and things like that, so PHP and mySQL would be needed.

    The paysite would be similar to my dad's personal page but would be more complicated and would be geared more toward league creation, stat tracking, etc.

    I've come to the conclusion (possibly incorrectly) that my best approach would be to create an account that has a main domain for the pay site, and then get an add-on domain for my dad's personal site and any other smaller sites that I'd like to design.

    I've narrowed my search down to lunarpages and surpasshosting. I see that lunarpages has great support and is very reputable, but they charge a monthly fee for an add-on domains and if I wanted to add another domain to the account for myself it would all of a sudden be quite a bit more expensive. Surpass hosting offers 3 add-on domains with their Deluxe package, which would be perfect, but they're not nearly as reputable from what I've seen.

    I've also read about problems with using cPanel with add-on domains but the explanations were very confusing. Can anyone tell me if I'm going down the correct path?

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    Well, firstly your 2 choices are miles apart. You can't compare a Co. like Lunarpages with a Co. like Surpasshosting a.k.a. Hostdime a.k.a. Hasweb

    As far as your needs are concerned Cpanel's addon domain feature will serve your needs nicely - nothing further is required. Of course, this only applies to Cpanel as such -- other ControlPanels may or may not follow the same system.

    For ex. Plesk does not have a concept of an Addon domain - all multiple domains are hosted under a Reseller account under Plesk. So under Plesk, the server owner has to setup a Reseller login even for 2 domains.

    DirectAdmin is very easy to use and offers both systems -- Addon as well Reseller accounts.

    We have used Plesk and Directadmin on our servers - Directadmin comes out on top.

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    Originally posted by nipl
    Well, firstly your 2 choices are miles apart. You can't compare a Co. like Lunarpages with a Co. like Surpasshosting
    Because of their reputation or because of the difference in their plans? What will I gain or lose with each host? Thanks for the info.

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    reputation of course. The 3 aliases under which Surpass does business would have given you a hint !

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    3 aliases?

    Won't get into the Plesk vs DA argument but I'm sure there is a monetary factor in there somewhere.
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    Hello. I have been a customer with surpass for a long long time.. And i can assure you. They are a great webhost.. Really nice and friendly support. Good admins. Almost no downtime.. I have been experiencing 100% (At least my remote uptime-checker says so) the last 2 months.. And as for the bad reviews here on WHT.. Firstly. Noone is perfect.. Always something that might go wrong.. Second.. If you find a company without a bad review here.. I will be impressed.. Seems to me like there is always someone with a bad experience that will post their issues here.. And maybe even overdo some times..
    Anyway. Go with surpass. You can't go wrong. and cPanel is a GREAT control panel..

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    I recall that sometime back, surpass was offering unlimited bandwidth...

    I wouldn't go with them for that reason alone.
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