View Poll Results: how important is phone support for you (shared hosting)?

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  • mainly, phone number make me trust my next host

    5 18.52%
  • i can not live without phone support

    2 7.41%
  • i need it in emergency, not in simple issues

    12 44.44%
  • hone support is not usable in fixing problems if compared with other ticket systems

    8 29.63%
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    Web Masters: How important is phone support to you?


    i'm represent a hosting company and i want to get web masters openion about phone support importance

    1. do you want to see toll free number in the host ONLY to trust them?

    2. or you really can not live without phone number handy?

    3. or do you think that phone support is not usable in fixing problems if compared with other ticket systems and so

    please remember this poll is for webmasters not for web hosts

    thank you

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    I'm a webmaster and not a web host. I have never used phone (toll free or otherwise) for contacting a web host. May be it is because I don't live in USA or may be I believe phone support is not usable for getting most problems fixed. It is usable only for reporting major issues like downtimes.

    Toll-free numbers add to the cost of the packages because its customer who pays for it in the end. I believe hosts should offer non toll free numbers only if they are looking to offer phone support, so that only the people who use support by phone pay for it.

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    How about...

    4.) Phone support is just not important to me. I choose my host carefully and like most people, I like to keep my phone lines open for sex.

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    iThink >> free number usually cost 2 cents per minute, however its still costly to keep representive person ready 24/7, Technical person who monitor servers or ready for level 3 support usually can not answer simple questions like some details in plans or prices

    any way its good point of view

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    not important

    My previous hosting company had offered a toll free line for support, and we are constantly calling them due to their shortcomings. Our present hosting company has no phone support, but they have been more reliable from day one.
    Phone support doesn't guarantee uptime. It is just an outlet, but it will not solve your problems if they are unreliable.

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    sometimes you just need to call up and shout
    Otherwise most of the time email is sufficient
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    I have never used a phone support in 5 years online...

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    I have never used phone (toll free or otherwise) for contacting a web host. May be it is because I don't live in USA or maybe I believe phone support is not usable for getting most problems fixed. It is usable only for reporting major issues like downtimes.
    Not living in the USA made me not to use the phone to contact hosts as well... However, with the new cards that allow us to phone in US for 10cents/minute this thing might change.

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    1) Phone support for EMERGENCIES ONLY would be nice to have but isn't a requirement for me. Anyone can purchase a phone number, IMHO this does nothing for a web hosts "credibility" or "trustworthyness". If you live in the same region as the majority of your clientele, getting a regular local phone number would be a good idea. Don't go out of your way to get a toll free phone number. All it takes is 1 customer who needs A LOT of hand holding calling you every 4 minutes asking questions like what's the difference between POP3 and IMAP, how do I change my password, etc.?

    2) If a web host has a proper infrastructure in place, they can easily service their clients without a phone number. Whether I have a routine support issue or my web sites are down ... I am able to communicate with my web hosts just fine. HTTPme.COM is a prime example. Take their busy and helpful forums + support ticket system + HTTPme.NET = perfect has a support ticket system, friendly forums and an emergency only phone number (which I've never had to use, knock on wood).

    3) Bingo and it isn't cost effective. It also helps to have documentation of a problem if multiple support techs work on the problem, otherwise you'd have to re-explain the situation 20x times when you call and someone else answers.

    These are only my personal opinions as a webmaster and (small time) web host.

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    One advantage to not having a phone system is that it requires your clients to take the initiative and learn for themselves. Granted, clients can only learn so much on their own, but still, it eliminates the "simple" questions like, "What do I put in for the SMTP server name?". Stuff like this should be fairly easily found in a Knowledge Base or a Forum.
    Also, once they learn how to find simple answers, they might be able to find more complex ones on their own as well.
    Take care,
    Brad Birmingham

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    In my personal opinion, phone support is not important. I believe that if potential clients want to call you for whatever reason, whether it be to see if someone actually answers or what, then put a number on your site, but dont make it toll free.

    Just remember to answer the phone when it rings.

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    Originally posted by G2-Hosting

    Just remember to answer the phone when it rings.

    LOL. good tip ;-)

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    I would NOT choose any host who does not offer some form of telephone support. I am the kind of person who prefers to talk to someone on the phone over sending a email or support ticket and waiting for a response.

    As long as there is SOME kind of telephone support, then that is a host I will consider. Does not even have to be 24 hour phone support. Even 12 hours of phone availablity is FAR better than none. So a phone support system is a required element for me. Offer email and support desks all you want. But no phone number means no business from this Canadian Prairie boy.

    (And yes I have a phone number so I will do business with myself...but...darn it...that music on hold is soooooooo annoying )
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    Phone support is useless to me...
    I don't live anywhere near the US.
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    It is unlikely I would hire a host who doesn't have phone support...

    the first indication that a host has gone away and you're screwed.. they stop answering their phone...


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