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    New design and layout for under $400?

    Hey all.

    Was hoping someone with some style could give my site a fresh, fun, and very unique look for under $400US.

    You think its feasable?

    www dot thenailgeek dot com
    (Sorry, cant post a URL until I have made 5 more posts?!?!)
    (just hit my website link)

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    What would the work intail?
    Skinning the forum portal software on that site or creating a site from scratch?
    Either way i'm up for it for $300 if your interested.

    my site :
    previous clients : (new design not uploaded yet)
    TNT Networks (Various media application designs
    Coke Cola Music (Media application design)
    Warner Brothers (Various interface and web design work)

    If you're interested pm me.
    I only accept payment via paypal, though i do not ask for any % upfront, payment made when job complete.
    If you would prefer you can contact me via email : [email protected] or [email protected]

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    Nice work and thanks for such a swift response.

    The job would entail primarily skinning the forum and portal software there (its vB3 template driven anyway).
    There are some minor adjustments I have made to several of the existing templates to accomidate some of my hacks, though I can always reinstate those afterward.

    Ill drop you a PM to discuss further. [edit] actually, for some wank reason Im getting a no permission page whenver I try to PM you
    Ill drop you an email later [/edit]

    Anyone else hungry?
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    Ah, i love vb3.0
    here's a previous skin i created for vb3.0 : click me!
    given that its only a vbskin i'll be quite willing to drop the price to $200

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    I am a very experienced designer. i can give you a corporate looking and highest quality design for 400. contact me and i can show you some work

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    We are intrested in your design job
    You can have a look at some of my designers work at:
    im sure we could achive what your looking for, for around $350

    If your intrested please pm


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    So far I am really digging some of the responders.

    However... I cant PM or email anyone yet (maybe there is a minumum post level hack on the site?).

    Please either email me at [email protected] or leave your email address for me to contact you.

    Tom-> Loving the feel of your forum icons (home, gallery, tutorials)
    Simon-> Your link to the website in your portfolio is the type of feel I am grooving on (open, light, unique)
    naoneo-> Like your vb3 template (though im looking for more 'pop' in the colour department) and major big plus with your vB experience.

    Where do we start to go from here? Do I ask for a rough sketch/mockup to see whose style I groove on most? Or is that kind of uncouth? Dont want to ask if it is... I just dont know what the next best step would be in making the right choice.

    Anyone else think they can offer something unique?

    Thanks again

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    given your interest in all three designs, i beleive the best action would be to choose one of us three, to create you a quick concept, and see if it's what your looking for, if not ask the next person in line, etc.
    (that being in line of your prefrence, not in order of who replied first)

    As for requiring a more pop'y design, please view the following :
    my own forums : here
    another page in the same style : here
    another : here

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    New Jersey
    I can offer the cheapest of all. $65 for a full page design with banner. please pm or contact me for more information and my resume/portfolio
    Albert Chen
    website & graphics design | Hosting
    aim/icq : achenxp | msn : [email protected]

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    For the price of $65 I wouldn't expect something to to high quality? I would offer my services for this one but I am really busy lately. From who I have seen post to this I guess I would have to suggest I liked his work the most out of all the people who applied. No offence to any of you guys. your work isn't bad but I just liked naneo's portfolio alot ( The Media Player Skins Were Pretty Cool! ) He has it at a very cheap price.
    Don't always take up the cheapest offer. Always go for the quality. Anyways. I hope you find a good designer for this. Good luck!

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    Hey! I will make a totally FRESH and a unique design for you.

    AIM: mzakirpatel.


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    I was having naoneo sort out some mockups, but sadly he seems to have his hands full right now.

    So essentially, the offer is back on.

    I like differing elements from the various designers that have submitted, but nothing is grabbing me yet.

    Just a recap of what I am after: A fun, colourful, easy to use skin (not too busy) for a vB3 driven site.

    I will pay up to $400US.
    If you are game, contact me at [email protected] and lets discuss.


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