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    Question About 101sitehosting

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me their experience with 101sitehosting? I am interested in their reseller package. Have been researching different companies and theirs sound like a great value. Any feedback will be much appreciated.

    Please state (in regards to 101sitehosting):
    1. Which account do you sign up for.
    2. How long have you been with them.
    3. Customer support feedback
    4. Other good/bad experience

    Thank you for your participation. Always better to hear from customer who experience it themselves than asking the company itself.

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    Hello WebWhiz,

    Unfortunately, you may not hear much from WHT users regarding our service simply because we have few, if any WHT clients who use our service that signed up from this forum.

    Most of our business comes from word of mouth, rather than aggressive advertising. If we've been in business now for well over 1 year, and don't need to spend exorbitant amounts on our advertising budget to stay very profitable, I believe that says something about our service level.
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