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    offer private label submission/optimization tools

    We are looking for companies that are interested in offering private label submission and optimization tools. We have two different programes available; both are completely private label meaning that they operate from your domains and there is no mention to our company anywhere. They are also completely customizable so they can match your website logos etc. You also collect all payments directly from your customers from your own merchant account or paypal.

    1.) The first is an web based submission/optimization system. This is a subscription based system and is a great way for you to add residual revenue.
    For a sample of the tools this system has to offer feel free to sign up for a trial at:

    2.) The second system is downloadable submission/optimization software. Once again this can be completely branded under your company name.
    Feel free to download the demo and look at the feature list at:

    For more information feel free to contact me by email
    [email protected]*com

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    Whats the cost for each?
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    Yes, the cost would be very helpful.

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    For the software we simply ask that you own a key starting at $69
    For the online version the pricing is based on the number of clients you already have.

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    I may be interested but I see two issues.

    1) Does the downloadable version have a demo we can check out?

    2) Your program promotes on usenet from what your site says. Usenet is not a place to post in regards to promotion. I would advise against that as I see abuse reports all the time from people complaining about users promoting their site. is a premium plugin to make a directory using WordPress racing, mods, sales, and general discussion of pocket bikes

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    I want to make sure I'm clear...The software is $69.00 fully branded?

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    We have just released version 7 of our TrafficSeeker Search Engine Submission and Optimization software and are looking for additional full dealers to resell our software.
    This includes a fully branded version of our software so you can sell it under your on company name.
    This is a great opportunity to offer this type of software to your hosting clients.

    Reseller Program: This program is set up for the serious internet marketer! Resellers will need to have their own merchant accounts, and because you will process your client's orders, you can purchase codes from us STARTING at 50% discounts! That's make a MINIMUM of 50% on EVERY SALE! We do NOT require you to pre-purchase codes from us or to buy in any set number. BUT, those who would like to do this, can receive discounts up to 65%!! Resellers may also use our affiliate program and refer to affiliates. You will earn 10% of each and every sale they make as well!

    You will also receive a COMPLETE custom copy of the software for potential clients to download from your site...FREE! This can include your own graphics, order links and more. There is NO reference to us, so the software appears to be your own private label program! This means you can upload the program to shareware sites, advertise in ezines and any other way you see fit to promote TrafficSeeker.

    The ONLY requirement we have to become a Reseller is that you MUST own your own copy. This can be the Std, Pro OR Platinum version, it does not matter. We currently have resellers making $30,000 - $75,000 and more with the program. Think you have what it takes?

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