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    Disclosure of private information

    Do web hosts tend to have clear policies with regard to disclosure of customer information? To what extent is the law clear about that?

    I am about to build a website for someone who has been harassed using contact information from the whois record of their domain name. I know some registrars offer means to protect this information. But is there any chance a web hosting company will disclose the identity of customers when the demand isn't coming from a court or some other authority to which one is obliged to provide this information?

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    Most web host usually have a privacy policy, I know we do. We would never provide personal information to anyone unless ordered by law enforcement. You really have no control over that unless you have big money to fight the authorities. Some companies may sell there clients information who knows. If they do not have a clearly stated privacy policy obviously they can do so. I would be very weary about no privacy policy on a website where you enter personal information. So in short I am sure some companies do sell this information but no telling how many.

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