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    dedicated servers in europe?? where??

    Hello all.

    I am looking for a Intel PIV 2.4 or 2.8 or amd everything above the 2200+

    What do i want to do with the server?

    i want to host a few Condition Zero games on it
    i want to host serveral ESF servers (Earth`s Secial Forces. it`s a mod for half-life)
    and i want to host 1 small site on it

    the server must have a ping below the 100 if you ping from the netherlands (where i live )

    well i don`t care if it`s gonna be a usa server or a europe server as long as the ping is LOW <100 and i prefer pings arround the 50

    What i need

    server that is good for gaming so i think that it`s possible to have intel or amd as long as they are both above the 2200 MHz (intel 2400 or higher and amd with 2200+ or higher) and they must have atleast 512 MB DDR memorry or more.

    Atleast 1000 GB traffic or atleast 3 MBPS port
    control panels are welcome but not needed since it`s gonna be a gameserver for the most part
    i don`t need managed service for multiple reasons. 1= they can say that it`s managed but they don`t do much about the server
    2= i can manage the server alone for the biggest part and what i cant do is what i`m gonna learn when i`m trying

    last but not least... THE PRICE

    i have a extremely low budget as most starters..
    i was thinking of a max price of 100 a month MAX and no setup fees if possible... but not more setup fees than the montly price.

    EDIT... 100is about 119$
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